FingerPainting OUT now (includes discount code!)

Finally, after weeks of preparation, two preview tracks and a lot of sweat and tears over the mixing and mastering, FingerPainting – the new album from me and Daniel Berkman is out now!

It’s an hour or so live album from a house concert in Altadena, California in January, and two tracks feature the genius that is Artemis on vocals.

It was the first show on an 8 show tour, and with the release comes the opportunity to pre-order ALL the gigs. That’s 8 shows from January 2013, AND the two shows from January 2012. Pretty much every note that Daniel and I have ever played together. We’ve never jammed, never rehearsed. This is all of it.

And if you buy any of it before Sunday night, you can use the code ‘awesomenessFTW’ and get 10% off any of the physical versions.

The pre-order sales are pretty vital for us being able to do this – there’s about 200 hours of work still to go, not including artwork, promo and trips to the post office to send out the CDs and USB sticks. Somehow I need to justify not spending that time looking for other work or playing with my 3 year old son. Getting paid for it ticks those boxes. 🙂

So PLEASE do have a listen to it (it’s available to stream in full from Bandcamp as always) share it around, post the link, write a review, add it to your bandcamp collection, and buy whichever physical version makes most sense to you…

I hope you dig it as much as I do 🙂

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