A New Way To Pay For My Music…

I had this idea ages ago, but have finally got round to putting it in place.

As an alternative to just heading over to Bandcamp and paying with paypal or a credit/debit card, I’ve now added the option via the MP3s page here (which isn’t really an MP3s page at all, it’s just all my albums embedded from Bandcamp, so you can listen then download them in whatever format you like, but anyway…)you can now ‘pay’ by buying me something from my Amazon wishlist.

How does that work? No tricks – just go and download the music from Bandcamp, putting ‘0’ (or an amount, if you wish to surprise, delight and help me pay some bills!) in the box when it asks you to name your price, then click through to my Amazon wishlist and pick a present for me…

I’ll be adding things to the list as I go along, so if there’s nothing that inspires you as a pressie on there, feel free to come back later and see what else I’ve added. An alarming number of the items on there are single malt whiskies – don’t worry, if I get lots of them, I’m not going to treat it as a challenge 🙂

Some of the stuff is things that will make it easier for me to make music, there are some books in there too (actual books) – sadly, you can’t add download albums to it – they haven’t come up with a way of connecting you paying for the music with me getting it – thanks to the insane bullshit around territorial sales of music (you can’t buy downloads from the US amazon site but you can buy CDs? Thank the RIAA/BPI and the other insane lobbyists for that)

So, go have some fun, swap a boat-load of new music for a bottle of whisky or a new USB controller, and I’ll be eternally grateful to you 🙂

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  1. Steve, what a marvelous idea, Lagavulin for your music, extremely comparable, though I wouldn’t want to be known as someone who is contributing to the delinquency of an adult……

  2. This is how people used to pay for my CDs in dollars before there was PayPal! via books from my “books wanted” list!

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