Supersizing “Live So Far” – Three New Tracks Added To Our Live Album.

One of the joys of releasing music through Bandcamp (officially the world’s greatest digital music release platform, as voted for by me) is that album releases can be progressive.

We’ve already added ‘Happy‘ to the live album, when it became our de facto single, thanks to the awesome video.

And tonight I added three more tracks to it, bringing the total up to ten.

First up, a brand new tune from me, called ‘Born On The 3rd Of July’ – it was, of course, improvised live on July 3rd, at a house concert at Trip Wamsley’s place in Louisiana. I started with the sound, and a few harmonics, with no idea of what I was going to do. The slightly reggae-ish groove appeared, along with the tune, and it built from there… I really like it, hope you enjoy it:

Second tune, Lobelia’s solo version of her song ‘Hell No I Won’t Go (And You Can’t Make Me)’ – she opened pretty much every show on the tour with it, and it became a favourite. This recording was made in Plano, TX, at the same wonderful show where Happy was recorded and filmed. It used to be a chunky rock tune, and the new arrangement came about a couple of months ago, breathing new life into the song. Believe it or not, that’s a nylon strung acoustic guitar on it – I put it through a Vox AC30 amp simulator when mixing, just for fun. Came out well:

And lastly, a brand new version of Grace And Gratitude – I’ve been experimenting with extending the ending on this on and off since I first did it when opening for Max Richter and Hauschka at Spitz a few years back, but it’s got pretty odd of late, culminating in this, recorded in Cincinnati on the last show of the tour. It’s gets pretty strange:

And if you want the whole album, that’s available here:

Have a listen, then hit the download button and pay what you think it’s worth. The price is left blank so you can choose to genuinely reflect what it’s worth to you. And if you have no money, you can get it for free. Please feel free – nay, obliged – to share the link around, embed it on your own site, review it if you wish. Your help is vital in getting the word out.

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