“Happy” – Our New Single!

I’ve just added a new track to the ‘Live So Far’ album (because, in the future, you can do things like that) – It’s a version of Happy, recorded at our house concert in Plano, TX.

Here it is:

It also has a beautifully shot and edited video to accompany it, so I guess that makes it our first single!

Here’s the video:

Steve Lawson & Lobelia “Happy” from Brian Wilson on Vimeo.

Right, as this is our single, does that mean it’ll be on iTunes as well? Nope – why bother when Bandcamp is better quality, more portable, and allows us to make it so that you can still get it even if you’ve got no cash OR so you can pay more than the arbitrary £0.79 if you listen to it and think it’s worth a lot more than that (it is 😉 ). it means you can download the album, or listen to it all online first and get the bits you want.

Are we going to release a physical version of it? The single?? Nope. What a waste of CDs that would be. But we are thinking of doing a limited edition CD release of the live album… watch this space…

For now, please share this around, we’re rather proud of it, and are VERY grateful to our friend Brian Wilson (not the Beach Boy, before the comments thread goes nuts) for filming and editing it together. It was a four camera shoot, I think – 2 or possibly 3 of which were Canon 5D Mk IIs… 🙂

If any radio people want a CD quality copy to play, you can either download the .FLAC file, convert it and burn it to CD (it’ll be perfect quality, we promise), or you can message me and I’ll send you a .aif of it that you can just burn to CD and play. But it’s 9 minutes long, so I’m guessing daytime Radio 1 is out of the question 😉

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