New Live Album… Recorded Last Week!

Ahh, the future – it’s a wonderful place to live.

So, as I said in my last post, our live set up now has a MOTU Ultralite soundcard at the heart of it, is wired with all super-high-quality Evidence Audio Cables and on this tour we’ve got killer live sound from QSC K8 speakers. Which all adds up to us being able to record ourselves, multitracked, on every gig, and to play very well given the consistently marvellous sound that we have at the shows.

So here’s our brand new live album, Live So Far:

The track list is:

  • I’m Lost: a live favourite for Lo and I, played for the first time with Todd Reynolds remarkable violin playing over the top. Can we take him with us on tour please?
  • A Meeting Of Minds: This is one of a handful of great improvised tunes I recorded with Neil Alexander, the rest of which will come out as a separate live album at some point. No looping or processing from me, just fretless bass. 🙂
  • I’ve Never Met Anyone Like You: One of Lobelia’s newest songs, I was really excited to hear what Todd would do with her songs – they make such a great duo. I love what Todd does here.
  • The Kindness Of Strangers: Another live favourite, with the now customary play-out that you may recognise…
  • Improv No 1: Todd and I played a few improvised pieces, that again will be released at a later date. This one currently has no name… feel free to suggest one!
  • Sound Of A Breaking Heart: This is SUCH a beautiful song, but again, Todd has taken it to a new place with his beautiful sensitive violin playing.

It was a great privilege to play with both Neil Alexander and Todd Reynolds – great friends and remarkable musicians. I hope next time we all get to play together!

The tracks were recorded and mixed in Reaper on my netbook, and mastered in Wave Editor. There’s plenty more where they came from 🙂

The album is available ‘pay what you want’ – so please pay what you think it’s worth. You can play the whole thing from the embedded player above, then download the whole thing, or just the tracks you like.

Please feel free to:

  • share the link with your friends,
  • embed it on your blog,
  • post it to facebook or twitter
  • write about it on forums/communities that you contribute to

– this is a great chance for you to help us out by sharing the music around.

7 Replies to “New Live Album… Recorded Last Week!”

    1. I’ve not been playing it over here so far! There’s already the live version on the Nebraska EP – if I do anything different with it, I’ll put it up 🙂

  1. this thing is really good …

    paypal does not like me, maybe because i am in china, or because paypal is globally known for being weird 🙂

    is there another way to pay some bucks? rupees? pounds? rmb? yen?

    hm, maybe i can try again when i am in japan next week

    1. Gregory – just grab the download for free for now, and see if it works when you’re in Japan. Share the link with your friends too – that’s all part of the payment 😉

      Thanks so much for commenting, I’m really glad you’re enjoying it.

  2. Lovely track: Great stuff from Todd – I look forward to hearing more. When you’re stuck for a violinist in the UK you know where to come….. (-:

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