A Crazy-Busy Week In Nashville.

Tomorrow we drive to Nashville – I love Nashville. Some of my favourite people in the world are there. Clever, lovely, talented creative people. What’s not to love about it?

Which is why we’re there for a week in the middle of this tour. We’re doing a lot there. Here’s the list:

Thursday 17th – I’m playing solo at the Low Notes For Nashville benefit show for people who lost everything in the recent Nashville floods. See Facebook for Details.

Friday 18th – is the ‘Amplified Afternoons‘ trans-atlantic web-stream conversation with the New Music Strategies team and a hand-picked selection of musicians forging careers in the new music environment – I blogged about that here today, and will write more tomorrow. You need to tune in for this. Srsly.

Sunday 19th – the first of our house concerts, at this one we’re sharing the stage with the awesomely awesome Kira Small and Bryan Beller. That’s going to be lots o’ fun. Here are the Facebook details.

Monday 20th – we have two events, at the same location. In the afternoon, I’m giving a ‘social media for artists’ workshop. (read about it on Facebook) – that’ll be good. I like taking this stuff and applying it not just to music but to as many creative paths as are represented…

Then in the evening, Lo and I are playing a house concert, with the fabulous Angela Doll Carlson opening the show with special guest Sarah Masen. Yeah, so that’s going to be awesome too. It’s also listed on facebook.

That, my friends, is a busy weekend. Lots of things for you or your Nashvillian friends to come to. It’s going to be a great time, for sure. See you there!

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