More new music – Youtube video of a brand new tune.

photo of the bed of the thames, taken from a pothole in a boat near Tower BridgeAfter the new tune I posted on Audioboo a few days ago, I’ve got the bug for uploading new tunes. Hopefully it’ll finally kick me into action to make some decisions about the kind of record (or whatever passes for a ‘record’ these days 🙂 ) I want to make.

Imogen Heap gave me some wonderful advice a couple of weeks back; she said “Take as long as you can with the beginning coz the end is HARD GRAFT!” And that’s clearly what I’ve been doing for the last couple of years… as well as touring all over the place with Lobelia, doing arrangements of her songs. Oh, and the the Lawson/Dodds/Wood album…

Anyway, I’m still undecided quite what to do with the next album. Here are the options

  • another all-solo album,
  • record solo, then overdub guests
  • a small band playing band arrangements of tunes I’ve already released solo
  • something far more electronic/programmed/messed around with.

I’m sure I’ll get round to all of them eventually…

At the moment, I’m just collecting ideas the way I always do – listening to the kind of music I want to inspire me, then playing and seeing what comes out. It’s fun, and it’s a joy having Lobelia to bounce ideas off, offer advice, and as an alternative direction for ideas that clearly ought to be songs not instrumentals…

Anyway, here’s the video of the new idea – it was meant to be one minute of me remembering an idea (you’ll see Lo’s thumb appear about a minute or so into it, telling me that she’s got it and it’s OK and “canwegooutnowplease?” But I was on a roll, it sounded good and felt good, so I kept playing.

This is also the best video yet showing what my resurrected Modulus bass sounds like (how appropriate to have a resurrection video on Easter Sunday?) as well as being the youtube debut of my Mark Audio speakers, which sound incredible! The looping is all done with the Looperlative LP1 as always

The video is recorded on my Nokia N95 8Gb phone, completely unedited or tweaked. Just copied to my laptop and uploaded – pretty amazing quality for a phone, huh?

Feel free to comment on youtube about it – and, if you like it, click the ‘favorite’ or ‘rate’ buttons on youtube. (I tend to use 5star ratings as a way of helping spread the word about a video, rather than as a subtle distinction between 3, 4 and 5 star quality… it’s just yet another bit of metadata that youtube may use to promote the video a bit harder…

Comment thread here – how do you decide what music to make? There are so many things that any of us could do at one time, it can be crippling, creatively… so how to do you make a decision and start recording?

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