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Festival season has begun – Glastonbury was this weekend, as well as the ‘Hard Rock Calling’ two day-er in London (went down there to see Eddi Reader play yesterday, and to see KT Tunstall and The Police today – all marvellous).

However, my usual reaction to festivals is *shrug*… I rarely see a festival line-up that really gets me excited, and as a result, I only ever go to one: Greenbelt (which I may or may not be playing at this year, depending on whether they decide to pay me… feel free to email them if you’re going and would like to see Lo and I play there…).

So anyway, who’s your fantasty festival top 5? – I asked this on Twitter yesterday, and got some really great answers. Some people posted twice, listing their ‘mainstage’ and ‘acoustic stage’ which seems like a nice split, so feel free to post those two lists. The only rules are that a) you’re not booking for a particular audience, this is about who YOU want to see play. and b) if you’re
a musician, it’s taken as red that you’d want to book yourself: only list people who aren’t you. 🙂

Comment away…!

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  1. Ah, forgot to put my own list in the post – I’ll comment instead of editing 🙂

    So anyway, here’s my list from Twitter yesterday, I may revise it at some point:

    The Blue Nile, Billy Bragg, Spearhead, Nels Cline Singers, Bill Frisell…

    And my acoustic stage:
    Jonatha Brooke, Bruce Cockburn, Show Of Hands, Nick Harper and Paddy McAloon.

  2. Hmm, this is a touch one.

    Tom Waits, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Sigur Ros, Trey Gunn, Duke Special…

    Acoustic Stage:
    Joni Mitchell, Rickie Lee Jones, Trilok Gurtu, Declan O’Rourke, Liane Carroll.

    It’ll never happen. Not even close!

  3. Mainstage:
    Richard Bona, KT Tunstall, Teenage Fanclub, Blur, Pixies.

    Electronica tent:
    Jon Hopkins, Battles, Four Tet, Plaid, Orbital

    Acoustic stage:
    Woods, Lawson & Dodds; Julie Fowlis; Hem; Kate Rusby; Alison Krauss & Union Station.

  4. 1. Kelly Joe Phelps
    2. Peter Mulvey
    3. Bruce Cockburn
    4. Ben Folds
    5. Keller Williams

    With a house band backing up each artist on a few songs that included:
    1. Bill Frisell
    2. Greg Leisz
    3. Steve Lawson
    4. Matt Chamberlain

  5. Wow, John. That’s pretty close to my perfect gig! I think I might have to try and go to sleep now, in the hope that your comment being the last thing I read would mean that I could vividly dream the gig 🙂

  6. Main stage:

    1/ The Fray
    2/ Biffy Clyro
    3/ Jamiroquai
    4/ The Feeling (sorry, but they are quite fun live!)
    5/ Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly…

    “Acoustic” Stage
    1/Seth Horan
    2/Steve & Lo
    3/Jonatha Brooke
    4/Joel Ackerson
    5/Miriam Jones

  7. You mean Greenbelt are actually PAYING artistes nowadays??? My how times change my friend….

    Dream lineup ( I know you will hate some of theses,but…its mine…)

    Prefab Sprout
    Deacon Blue
    Deep Purple

    Acoustic Stage:
    Johnny Vegas
    Peter Case
    Eddi Reader
    Johnny Cash
    Bruce Cockburn

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