3 Replies to “Video Blog Beta version 0.01”

  1. Nice video, good explanation, liked the “message at the end” – like all good sitcoms… “Hey kids, we’ve LEARNED something today through our hilarious exploits…”

    Pitch shift, speed change and scramble / fast scramble on melody = Hmmm… The same on rhythmic parts = glitch heaven?

  2. haha! Yes it’s like my ‘Springer’s Final Thought’, “well, I think it’s obvious that marrying a donkey is a really freaky weird thing to do. Putting the kind of loon who would marry a donkey on TV to be ridiculed, however, is deeply responsible, and to be applauded”… etc.

    new vidblog coming soon!

  3. That’s a really cool effect.

    If you haven’t heard it already I highly recommend some John Frusciante (from the RHCP) solo albums. He does some really cool things with sounds and effects.

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