upcoming live album in process..

So we’re finally getting round to listening through and editing the tracks for the Steve and Lobelia album. Very little is needing to be done to it, thanks to the fact that we recorded it during a ‘house’ concert at Powerbase Studio in Wisner Nebraska, which has the most amazing live room, and the recording equipment is top class. Dan Kane, the owner of the studio and engineer on the tracks did an amazing job, especially considering these are just two track recordings. You can tell that we’re at the end of a tour, as we’re both playing really well, and the looped vocal stuff is particularly special. There’s also a really great live take of MMFSOG and an all-fretless version of Jimmy James that I’m partlcularly pleased with…

You can hear two tracks from the recordings already, one on my myspace page and one on lobelia’s, though I’m not sure that the version of Black Hole Sun will make it onto it, purely because the logistics of releasing cover versions on albums that are going to be downloadable is a total nightmare.

Anyway, hopefully we’ll have it all edited in the next couple of hours, and then we can work out a strategy for releasing it… what fun!

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