Things looking up for traveling musicians…

Looks like those really stupid hand baggage laws that were introduced a few weeks ago are about to be relaxed. And not before time.

This paragraph is especially heartening –
“Musical instruments will also be allowed on board again, after professional musicians complained the measures were hindering them”

Will it make me want to fly round Europe? Nope – gimme the train, fo’ sho’.

But for musos that do fly, it’s a blessing…

2 Replies to “Things looking up for traveling musicians…”

  1. Steve,

    I always thought it kind of fanciful, that one would contemplate spending thousands of hours practicing, attend various academies, dedicate your life to music, performance and all that stuff just so you could sneak a bomb onto a plane.

    Mind you, there have been some gigs…



  2. Following on from the ‘taste your own breast milk’ policy, maybe the musicians should be forced to demonstrate their art? A quick virtuso performance in the security hall – it would cheer everyone up.

    I appreciate that for you jazz musicians it could prove tricky – “call that music? pah! get it in the hold!”


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