Recycle Collective recommended in Time Out again…

Next week’s Recycle Collective gig gets the recommended gig treatment again in Time Out this week. Here’s what they say –
Steve Lawson’s Recycle Collective/Jason Yarde/Leo Abrahams –
“Improvised, organic electronica from a fabulous trio featuring bassist and live sampler Lawson, producer/saxophonist Yarde and Brian Eno’s guitarist Abrahams.”

so there you go – we’re fabulous, it’s official, so you can’t miss it!

4 Replies to “Recycle Collective recommended in Time Out again…”

  1. How marvellous. And very well-deserved.

    But surely ‘organic electronica’ is an oxymoron? Or do you knit the speakers out of your own hair (which, after all, would probably the best use for it)?

  2. Organic Electronica – I guess it’s that while is electronic in it’s make up (digital looping, heavy use of processing, laptops and gadgets on stage) the sound source for each instrument is purely acoustic – guitar, bass and drums (and yes, before anyone decides to argue, electric guitar and bass are both acoustic instruments, inasmuch as the sound is created by vibrating strings and resonating wood, picked up by magnetic pickups. :o) )

    But thanks for the suggestion, I may try weaving some new speakers from my hair at some point… ;o)

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