it's all about the lovely peoples

This being a musician thing, it’s really all about lovely people. I love playing music, I love being a musician, I love recording and releasing music and I love doing gigs. And the thing I love about all of those the most is that I get to do it in the company of lovely people.

I’ve mentioned before on here that I’m continually delighted to find that the people who come to see me play are by and large the kind of people I’d like to go for a curry with – and fairly regularly do end up friends with them, on more than just an ego-massaging ‘hey how great, you like my tunes’ kind of way. I’ve somehow managed to write music that attracts nice people. This is a good thing.

Likewise the musicians that I spend my life playing with are lovely. Jez and Theo, they of the duo albums on Pillow Mountain Records, are two of my most favouritest people to spend time with. Delightful, friendly, funny, generous people, who also happen to be fabulous musicians.

The amassed hordes of the Recycle Collective are just great – Cleveland, BJ, Orphy, Leo, Andrea, Julie, Seb, Andy, Patrick etc. etc… great people one and all. I’m a lucky man.

Today I spent the day with Evelyn Glennie – genius percussionist, and of course, an utterly delightful person. Evelyn’s always been a very progressive force within classical music, experimenting with improvised music, processed sound and MIDI instruments for years, and I was up showing her more about looping, exploring the possibilities for her percussive set up. With a musician that good, and that open minded, she’s bound to discover all manner of gorgeous music in the midst of the technology, and hopefully we’ll get to do some things together as it progresses. But more than the music, I’m just delighted that once again being a musician has put me in contact with more lovely people. I is feelin’ blessed.