RIP Gizmo

I mentioned that TSP had to rush back to London – when she got there, The furry ginger one wasn’t well at all. He’d started to behave bizarrely the day before, and by now was showing signs of some kind of real problem with his brain – almost certainly a tumor pressing on it.

She took him to the vets, who offered to give him a steroid shot to see if it would bring down the swelling and stop the pressure, but TSP took what was definitely the right decision, that he’d been through enough. This was the worst she’d seen him – and he’s had some pretty low points over the last 8 months – and it was time to say goodbye.

What shit timing. I’m up here, TSP is in London now, with no car cos I’ve got it here.

Anyway, goodbye lil’ ginger buddy – you had an amazing run, escaped death more times than any animal can reasonably expect, and gave us a couple of years of love and affection that we wouldn’t have swapped for anything.

these two pics were taken just last week…

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  1. Sorry to hear that your beloved one is no longer there, Steve. My thoughts go to you and TSP.

    It really was the wise thing to let the poor creature get some peace now, but that probably doesn’t make your feeling of loss any less.

    I am no cat-person myself (sorry to admit this to you of all people) so I am probably not the one who can relate to the depth of what you are going through. Nevertheless, I felt like sending this brief note to you after having read about The Furry Ginger One for quite a while.

    Marianne (Denmark/MySpace/JBro)

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