To Cover or Not To Cover, that is a question…

…it’s clearly not THE question. I mean, if you spent your life pondering whether or not to do cover versions of other people’s songs, you’re missing out on some pretty important pondering in other areas.

But right now, it’s a question, and it’s foremost in my mind cos I’m recording a new album. Finally. So, do I put the various covers that I’ve played live on it? The three that are up for consideration are People Get Ready, What A Wonderful World, and Deep Deep Down – the last one is an Eric Roche tune, that Eric and I had planned to do together and he’s apparently wanted me to play on on his last album. That never happened, but it’s an amazing bit of music, so I’ve got a solo version of it that I do.

So, do they go on the record? they’re pretty different from what I normally do, not least of all because Wonderful World and Deep Deep Down are just chord melody pieces, no loopage at all. And People Get Ready only has the loop bit for the solo in the middle. With those three, and my tune for Eric (still as yet untitled), that’d be four chord melody pieces on the album. A nice change, I think, but how well will they sit with the usual stevie floaty-ness? I guess the obvious answer is to record them and then see what happens when it comes to sequencing the album – do they fit or don’t they?

right, back to recording…

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  1. I’d say do it, it’s a new slant and it’ll give some people an entry point into your musical world who might have not found it before.

  2. I’d say go with “Deep Deep Down” for definite, and record both the other tunes, then see how they sit in the scheme of the album. You can always release one or other, both or all three as an “EP” to the website if they don’t sit with the rest of the album.

  3. Kelly will be mad at you if you don’t record Wonderful World. If you do record it and don’t include it on your album, you need to email the MP3 to her.

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