Special guest no. 2

Just finished recording a huge improv piece for the new album with singer Julie McKee – I’ve played with Julie quite a few times now, and she’s definitely one of the finest singers I’ve ever worked with (now I just need to get her and Cleveland on stage together!). She’s got a glorious voice, and a fantastic improv instinct, reacting beautifully to the many many layers of her own voice coming back at her.

The vibe is similar to the piece we did at St Luke’s on Good Friday, but with different words. We’ve done three takes, all three of which are useable, and now have to decide which one to use, and whether I’m going to steal anything from the other takes to drop in over the top… The three takes are 20 minutes, 13 minutes and 15 minutes long, so that may have some bearing on which one makes it to the album, given the not-unlimited amount of time one has available on a CD!

It all makes me look forward even more to doing the show at Edinburgh this summer with Julie!

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