Fairly Aged Feline update

The Fairly Aged Feline, Ginger Edition, has been feeling rather rough of late. After his scary cancer thing at the end of the last year, he’s been on weekly, then monthly chemo, and it had been keeping the tumor (which at the time it was discovered was the size of a satsuma) at bay, so that it was undetectable. He was looking a bit rough yesterday so I took him into the vets on the way to the gig, and found out that his kidneys were both swollen, and an ultrasound showed that they both have tumours in them, which was just about blocking them.

He was given a steroid shot and a different chemo on a drip overnight, and seems to be a lot better than he was yesterday, but it’s still not looking good for the lil’ guy again. So we’re here praying for another feline miracle like the last one, but knowing that he may not be around too much longer. It’s a really horrible thought.

If you’re of a mind that talks to God on behalf of small furry people, please have a word on his behalf.

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