End of the mini-tour

Last night was the last date on the iddy-biddy tour with Muriel Anderson. Four very fine gigs. Small audiences, but lovely venues, and very appreciative peoples. And for me, a great chance to try out a load of the new tunes from Behind Every Word. Thanks so much for all the feedback on the new tunes – the overall opinion seems to be that they’re fab, though it would take a pretty churlish person to turn round and say ‘those tunes you just played, they’re crap’. So make of that what you will.

Anyway, I really liked them.

Was also much fun doing the duet stuff with Muriel in the second set. At the first gig, we just did one tune together at the end, but in all the rest of the gigs, we did the second half as a duo, playing a whole load of stuff from Don McLean’s ‘Vincent’ to ‘Autumn Leaves’ to tunes by both of us to some lovely improvs. Much fun all round.

Now, back to the album…

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  1. What a great gig last night – I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did my friend Fiona who I dragged along. Steve’s new choons were splendid, and Muriel was excellent and demonstrated some surprising techniques (the harp guitar was beautiful, and I’ve never seen anyone slap themselves in the face during a guitar piece before), and they played very nicely together at the end. Absolutely lovely!

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