OneDotZero at the V&A

Last night was a special video installation night at the V & A Museum, curated by OneDotZero Those in the know tell me that they are the bigwigs in the world of video stuffs, though I’d not heard of them before I read about the event on Jonny’s blog.

Anyway, I went along to check it out, and there were some mildly diverting and fun things going on, but it was all a little hollow, if y’all ask me. There were screens set up all over the museum, in different galleries, and people were wandering from one to the next, chatting and watching a few seconds of each one before moving on. Nothing demanded your attention, or if it did, the physical situation didn’t allow you to engage with it for long. Each piece would have made for a nice installation on its own, or as a feature in an event happening in one place, but the overall effect was of peering through the shop window at Dixons at a dozen TVs showing cool screen-savers.

A few of the installations took a stab at interactivity, but even they ended up being very expensive hi-tech versions of either a lava lamp or an oil-wheel lamp. Perhaps I’m just not post-modern enough. ;o)

Anyway, it was enjoyable wandering around with Jonny and Joel, and meeting up with lots of other lovely friends, from Grace and Moot, and going for a drink afterwards. Much fun with good peoples.

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