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I’m just in the process of introducing categories on the blog (you can’t see them yet, as I haven’t found or added the code to have them listed on my pages, but will do as soon as Sarda gets online and helps me out).

Now, the quandary is, do I got for big general categories (music, life, politics, cats etc) or do I go for v. specific ones (gigs, tech-talk, food, cat health, cat photos, uk politics, world politics, spirituality etc)? Not sure which way to go… I guess I should start with general ones, and then add categories as they become necessary.

Soundtrack – D’Angelo, ‘Voodoo’.

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  1. How about tagging them? Give each one as many tags as fit and then you’ve got a flexible index to what you’ve posted. I’ve started to tag my postings in, although I haven’t fully sorted out how to integrate that onto the front page of my blog (see

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