Peep Show

It’s not often I find myself agreeing with Ricky Gervais – I mean, I found The Office funny, but have never felt any real affinity with the co-writer and star of the show. However, when he commented on stage at the British Comedy Awards this week that it was a tragedy that Peep Show hadn’t been nominated for any awards, I almost applauded the TV (I didn’t, because people who actually applaud the TV are clearly insane, like middle aged blokes who shout at referees on televised football matches).

Peep Show is without doubt the most original comedy to hit the screens in the UK for quite a few years. At least since the Office, if not before. For those who’ve missed it thus far, it’s a sit-com about two losers who share a flat. All the camera work is POV – you’re always looking at the scene from one of the character’s point of view, so there’s no third person camera work – and there’s a running commentary by the two main characters in the from of their inner monologues. Brilliantly observed, hilariously funny, occasionally surreal and a little bit twisted, it’s just come to the end of the third series, and I so hope it gets recommissioned for a fourth.

Til then, you can catch up with the repeats on E4 (oh yes, we’ve finally gone and got a Freeview box!) or buy series one and two on DVD.

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