just don't bother phoning…

Today I woke up with no voice. Not the croaky sore throat voice of yesterday, but a proper only-just-able-to-whisper no voice at all. So don’t phone me, I won’t be able to answer it. Texts and emails are fine. It’s all a bit crap really. The rest of me still feels a little toxic, but generally no worse than yesterday. Guess I got good old fashioned Laryngitis – which could be anything. the suffix ‘itis’ just means infection – so laryngitis is an infection of the larynx, and could be really mild (this seems to be fairly mild) or some sort of ebola mutation that only affects the larynx (and therefor probably makes your head fall off given the speed with which ebola eats people up… i’m guessing in that situation calling it ‘laryngitis’ would be considered just a tad misleading, given the certain death that would follow. None of the usual lines about it ‘not being all that infectious once you’ve started showing symptoms’ wouldn’t really apply…)

In good news, by internet bandwidth thing seems to have been cleared up, which is reassuring.

And now I’m going to collapse in front of the tele with a duvet, cos that what you do when you’re ill.

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