Illness and website woes

Bugger, I’m ill. Been fighting off a sore throat for days, and this morning it’s finally taken hold. Was woken up in the night every time I tried to swallow – v. painful. And it’s affecting me ears too. So guzzling lemsip and throat-comfort tea, and staying dosed up on Echinacea, Sambucol, Zinc and Vit C.

Was meant to be going to see my grandparents today with my mum, but instead have had to lend mum our car to go on her own, which is crap.

Added to that, there’s been a balls-up with my webspace which is telling me I’m over my bandwidth allocation. Which is balls. it was initially 6gig, I then paid an extra tenner a year for an extra gig (when I first put downloadable albums up and had a rush on those), and then let that extra gig lapse last month. And now it’s dropped to 3gig/month!! Big mistake somewhere along the line, and not what I need in the run-up to christmas at all….

grrrrr. bah humbug.

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