dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Our present to ourselves last christmas was a DVD player – it had just got too annoying to go to the local video rental place and find that they had it on DVD but not video, and that the DVD had loads of cool extras. So we gave in.

This year, our pressie to ourselves is a Freeview box – like cable or satellite without the millions of shit channels. You just get the free-to-air stuff that’s worth watching – BBC 3, 4 and News 24, More4, E4 and some other vaguely interesting stuff. And all in digital loveliness… which is great til the signal drops, then it goes mental… Anyway, lots of TV fun to be had – from this evening’s viewing, More 4 and BBC four seem to be showing a lot of shows that are like TV versions of Radio 4 shows, which is just fine by me.

So that’s our chrissy pressie to ourselves. And this is my christmas present to you – enjoy.

Soundtrack – Gillian Welch, ‘Time (The Revelator)’.

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