The horror of Katrina

So much for ‘walking on sunshine’… The true horror of Hurricane Katrina may not be fully realised by the rest of us for a few weeks to come, when the body count starts to rack up, but in New Orleans and Biloxi at the moment, it’s all too real.

I’ve got at least one friend who is missing in NOLA – bass player friend who decided to stick it out there. Seems like a lot of people without good transport or community around them thought they’d ride it out, before they realised how bad it was, and by that time it was too late. I just hope Stew is OK.

Here’s one horrific report from a local New Orleans station, WWLTV.

My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who has friends or relatives caught in this mess…

SoundtrackCharlie Peacock, ‘Love Press Ex-Curio’ (nu-jazz project from noted CCM singer/producer, featuring amazing all-star cast (including Victor Wooten and James Genus on bass) – really lovely stuff, full review to come soon…)

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