take these broken things…

as Mr Mister would have sung if they’d been round my house now. Washing machine, broked. Car, broked. Just waiting to see what’s next.

Washing machine is going to cost £65 plus parts and labour for lil’ man to come and fix it (despite it only being 18 months old, and therefor it ought not to break with normal use…)

Car is properly knackered. Lots of things wrong with it, the latest is that the coolant system is leaking into the blowers for the heating fans inside the car. End result, engine overheats, and fans blow hot water over the passengers when the heater is switched on. Not good.

The car’s far too old and crap to be worth fixing, sadly, so it’ll be off to the scrappies soon, and we’ll start trying to find a replacement.

Anyone in blog-world selling a car? :o)

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