Restoring my faith in special guests

After last night’s not-so-successful guest spot on the show, I was really looking forward to Julie McKee sitting in and fixing things. And she didn’t disappoint. More on that in a moment…

Another day comprised largely of flyering – my flyering technique is getting more refined, but in the process, more and more camp; I’m borderline Duncan Norvelle with some of my lil’ on-street routines to sell the show to people. I think my favourite scenario is flyering the queue outside someone else’s gig – there are three shows that queue up at the same time outside The Assembly Rooms on George Street; Antonio Forcione, Andy Parsons and Dara O’Brian, so I make the most of all three, and run along the line, selling the marvellousness of my show to people by telling them that the guy I’m flyering for is a genius, before they then see on the flyer that it’s me. Much hilarity ensues (no, really), and then hopefully they come to my show.

Another good sized house this evening (41, apparently – not confirmed by the box office computer), though there were two people who left half way through – they didn’t comment so I’ve no idea if it was just too late, to loud, to much swearing or just to much shizzle for their liking… Still, the rest of the audience seemed to dig it a lot.

Julie was there to sing People Get Ready – I’ve been finishing with an instrumental of it every other night, so it was great to have her come and sing it with me, and she sang it so beautifully. You HAVE to go and see her show if you’re in Edinburgh, she’s amazing. Hopefully she’ll be back at least one more night before the end of the run to reprise our duet.

And tomorrow night I’ve got Ronnie Golden and Andy Williamson sitting in. It just keeps getting better!

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