Another insane Edinburgh breakdown

in the Guardian today, there’s this article by Paul Arendt, about putting on a show at Edinburgh. It’s terrifying that there are all these people spending all this money with little hope of getting it back. Am I naive to come here expecting to make money? On their breakdown, I’ve shaved off lots of those expenses, some of them thanks to the huge generousity of some very talented friends (a photoshoot of the kind of quality that Steve Brown did for me would normally cost hundreds of pounds), but most of it is just TSP and I putting in the time flyering. Hours a day. Up to about 8 hours a day at one point this week. Selling the show to people, inviting them, telling them just how good it is, and hoping they’ll turn up.

I’m now of the opinion that if you’re not selling out, there’s no excuse for not doing your own flyering. If you’re losing money, and you’re not out selling it, I have little sympathy, to be honest.

And with that, I shall head into town, turn on the charm, and hope for another fine audience…

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