For those of you who just can't get enough of background hiss…

The lovely and wonderful Rev. G of the parish of St Tourettes, Edinburgh blogged about the PlusDeck – a cassette adaptor for your PC.

Now, apart from the general uselessness of creating high res MP3s that sound like dial-up optimised real audio files from the mid 90s, the page is particularly hilarious given that right at the top, where they are selling the unit’s most remarkable features, it says,

“PlusDeck 2 offers you high quality sound using cutting-edge audio technology and a Full Logic Mechanism Deck. The deck plays and records with Auto Reverse. You can easily play or record on sides A and B of the tape without ejecting it.

Now, I don’t know about you, but ‘auto reverse’ on a cassette deck is a bit of a late 80s innovation – hardly the stuff of computer-geekery. Surely that’s a given? In these days of iPods that will play 30,000 songs on continuous random play, having a 90 minute cassette, that sounds like it was recorded under a duvet, turn over in the middle is hardly world beating?!?

If you pay a bit extra you might even get the one with the buttons that make it go faster in both directions so you can find the songs you want just that little bit quicker than listening to the whole thing.

(having said all that, it would be a cool gadget to have, given that I have got a few things on tape that I’ll never be able to replace on CD… shhh, don’t tell Gareth)

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