Italy post no. 2

(written 21/7/05 23.53)

So I’ve landed in Italy, and it looks like my rack made it through unscathed (haven’t plugged it in yet, but no external damage suggests no internal damage either, hopefully.

So now I’m staying with the marvellous Luca and Giovanna – two very dear friends who manage to make any trip to their place feel like a home from home. After the rather fraught journey, dinner at Cascina Capuzza and much intelligent chat with Luca and Gio was just what the doctor ordered. I’m now sat in bed, writing this having edited my address book export (a CSV file, messed up by any line where I’ve put a comma after a word…) so that it could be imported into the Mac address book.

Still haven’t found a way to copy my diary onto here… I think I’ll have to get a bluetooth thingie for the laptop and see if that recognises my phone any better than it does via the USB cable…

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