Campaigners reactions on the G8

the Guardian Newsblog features this collection of comments on the G8 outcomes – naturally, it features a lot of pissed off activists. We’ve been led to expect a lot, and been delivered hardly anything. The Africa declarations are the same as had been agreed before the summit. Nothing new, no trade reforms at all, no further ground on debt cancellation, and no move on the conditions of debt relief. And the aid package is the same as it was – with trade reform and proper debt cancellation, it would help a lot. Without it, it’s far too little far to late.

Make G8 History.

John Hilary, of War on Want, puts it best: “On debt it is a 10th of what we were asking for. On aid it is just a fifth. On trade it has gone totally backwards. The G8 has turned its back on the world’s poor.”

Blood is on your hands, gentlemen.