another nice review… but what's a ronin??

This mag –

is Bass Guitar magazine (not to be confused with Bass Guitar Magazine, which is British) – it’s a good mag, if a little focussed on metal for my own reading tastes.

Anyway, they reviewed Grace And Gratitude in their new issue. It’s a small but friendly review, but I’ve no real idea what a ronin is – obviously it’s meant to be slighty cryptic, give the italics in the review, but I’m not sure how it applies to what I do…

(thanks to Fenderbird from the dudepit for sending me the scan!)

Here’s one explanation of Ronin, from This site
The samurai is an elite warrior in service of a lord and bound by codes of obedience and bushido. He is expected to be absolutely loyal to his master, no matter what the personal consequences of his duty are. The ronin is a masterless samurai who have lost their status due to their own misdeeds or the untimely death of their lord. Ronin became farmers, monks, soldiers of fortune or even bandits, beggars, and assassins. Many committed ritual suicide.

…not sure I like that!! Farmer? Bandit?? SUICIDE??????

Someone help me out here…

SoundtrackRon Miles, ‘Heaven’.

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