Did someone switch a light on?

One of the upshots of my photo shoot with two weeks ago was that I noticed just how dark my computer monitor was. So I rummaged around in the display settings and had a go at getting closer to what I was seeing on Steve’s computer monitor, and reset the colour (for some reason I’m having to redo it each time I switch my computer on, but I’m sure I’ll find the reset default command at some point).

So from that I noticed that some of the pictures on my site were way too light, and that the blue colour on there looked a lot nicer on my dark screen than on most other screens. So a little picture editing and a colour change later, the site has been tweaked. I rather like it!

Soundtrack – Various Artists, ‘Bossa Nova and Samba – The Gold Collection’; Redbird, ‘Redbird’; Gin Blossoms, ‘New Miserable Experience’.

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