Looking at a thing in a bag…

So I’m at the vets, picking up the aged feline, who being nearly 19 is quite understandably a little dehydrated, so was in on a drip for a few hours, and two people come out of the vets surgery, apparently without a pet. She puts her bag on the table – small clutchbag type handbag – which promptly starts to wriggle… ‘what’s in the bag?’ asks me, ‘a rat’ comes the reply, at which point gorgeous cute rat sticks her head out of the top of the bag for a sniff round. Very very cute comedy moment.

In other news, Edinburgh festival dates were up in the air, as the one venue I was going to be playing in won’t exist. Then, about an hour ago, I get a phone call from another venue wanting me to play there instead! marvellous… :o)

More good news is Peter Chilvers has been added to the bill for the cambridge gig. Peter’s a fantastic musician – very fine bass player. I’ve seen him play a couple of times, and duetted with him at a gig in Norwich which was great fun.

So today is sorting out flyers, sending out posters, getting gig details pinned down. All that admin stuff that happens between the playing…

Soundtrack – Stevie Wonder, ‘Hotter Than July’.

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