A fine gig.. .and a fine gig to come!

So last night I went to BJ Cole‘s launch gig for his new album ‘Trouble In Paradise’, and very fine it was too.

While I was uptown, I took the chance to go and check out a venue that Promoter Seb had recommended for my CD launch gig (was a launch gig themed evening, apparently). So I drove down to check out darbucka, just off Clerkenwell Road, and met the manager Ahmad. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL VENUE!! Man, this place is gorgeous. For those of you who’ve been to Greenbelt of Glastonbury, it’s like a posh version of the Tiny Tea Tent – all low lighting, low level seating, great Mezze food and a groovy stage/PA etc.

So that’s where the launch gig is going to be! It’ll be

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