Remastered Album Series – Time Stops vols 1-3 All Reissued

album artwork for the album Time Stops Vol 1 by Steve Lawson.Having discovered an amazing plug-in by Baby Audio called Smooth Operator, I recently realised that my mix/mastering process for the last couple of years of releases was underselling a lot of the detail in the recordings. The more muted, introspective tone of the releases made some sense in the context of the Pandemic followed by a year of Cancer related shenanigans, but didn’t represent the music to its fullest extent. So I’ve set about remastering my most recent public albums first, and have now uploaded Time Stops vols 1-3 (vol 3 is Bandcamp subscriber-only).

album artwork for Time Stops vol 2 by Steve LawsonThe remasters are uploaded in place of the original albums, so if you’ve already bought the albums, you don’t need to pay for them again to get the new versions. If you downloaded them originally when you bought them or got them through the subscription, you’re most welcome to download them again and compare the two. If you make music yourself, it might be instructive to do so!

I’m so happy with how these sound, and the consensus in the Bandcamp Listening Parties for the albums was that they were more detailed with greater depth to the audio field.

The next one to be re-released is Rick, which will be uploaded this Friday before the listening party where you’ll get to preview the new version.

Head to the listening party RSVP page for more info on that!

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