Bass Student Testimonials Pt 2 And Some Thoughts On One to One Bass Lessons.

I really should pay more attention to my website, right? Anyway, here’s the 2nd in a series of student testimonials.

A picture of Steve Lawson's hands playing a 6 string bass. He is using his fretting hand thumb to extend the chord shapeBut first a couple of thoughts on why one to one lessons are the right choice for many musicians. Coming out of the summer and re-entering the academic year, a lot of people find themselves starting to think about their music learning and what can take it to the next level.

There are a LOT of courses online, that offer top quality content and instruction via video lessons and downloadable materials. I’ve created courses like that with Scotts Bass Lessons and I do monthly bass masterclasses for Musical-U, so I’m in no way opposed to that model.

But I have realised over the years that my own gift is in helping individuals or in-person groups with specific questions, helping to guide people to where they want to be, rather than having to rummage through the stuff in a pre-recorded course and find the right theme. There’s a built in dialectic of specificness and genericness to those course – they are specific in as much as each course or module can be targeted to a particular area of playing, but equally generic in that they are a course made for everyone. And not everyone learning style is the same.

So, if you want some one-to-one lessons, they probably cos less than you think and we can start working on the specifics of your own musical journey.

Here’s a testimonial from bassist Steve Whitehouse, who I’ve been teaching weekly for a number of years:

“I’ve had the privilege of being a student of Steve Lawson’s for over two years now. I’ve been playing musical instruments for 45 years and have been lucky enough to have a wide selection of excellent teachers both contemporary and classical. Steve however is on another level altogether. What really sets Steve apart is his ability to teach *music* itself, not just how to play bass. He lives inside music and has levels of understanding I’ve never encountered elsewhere, enhanced by his encyclopaedic knowledge of players and styles. Lessons with Steve have been an absolute game changer for me, opening new horizons and pulling me out of a creative rut and much of what he’s taught me is applicable not only to the bass, but to my other instruments as well. If you are in a creative hole, Steve’s the guy to help you find your path.”

Testimonial Pt 1 can be found here.

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