FingerPainting: Complete is, uhm, Complete, and The USB Sticks Are Here!

So, after four months of

  • mixing and mastering
  • naming tracks
  • keeping Daniel and Artemis up to date with all the developments
  • getting their input on titles and artwork
  • generally surrendering all family and social life to the task of getting this magnum opus finished..

It’s finished.

10 Shows, 59 tracks, 10 hours, 16 minutes and 7 seconds of music.

[Buy the USB Stick here]

10 of the tracks (or or two from each of the 8 shows from 2013) feature Artemis on vocals. A few of those are on Soundcloud or on Bandcamp.

So what now? Well, they’ll be on sale at Greenbelt Festival this weekend. All the preorders will be sent out at the start of next week. I’ve discovered that the FLAC versions, being 24 bit, won’t all fit on a USB stick, so if you ordered that, you’ll be getting the stick with 7 albums on and 3 download codes to get the others 🙂

Now begins the task of loading them all up with music!

In the meantime I’m sequencing the 2 CD set, which should be available by early September.

I also ordered custom sticks/boxes for the Steve Lawson Complete Works set. Which is slightly misleading, in that it only has 2 of the FingerPainting albums on it, but it’s 24 albums spanning my entire solo and collaborative career. But you can order those on Bandcamp too –

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