Brand New Music And How To Get It

My internet bandwidth at home is taking quite a battering today, as I upload gig 3 to Bandcamp, in preparation for sending the download codes to all those who’ve bought the Dropbox/Bandcamp versions of the FingerPainting full set. At the same time, I’m putting some of the tunes from gigs 2 and 3 on Soundcloud, so you can hear what you’re missing 🙂

The album of gig 3 is called “Nie mój cyrk, Nie moje maÅ‚py” which is a spectacularly brilliant Polish phrase that means ‘Not my circus, not my monkeys’. Here’s why:

With this music – the house concerts, the line-up, the idea of releasing 11 hours of music – Daniel and I have embarked on a musical project that rejects pretty much all the ‘problems’ defined by the various major label recording industry lobby groups.

  • This is music that exists because we wanted it to exist
  • That was formed in relationship with the audience (particularly the house concert hosts)
  • It’s music that’s made available because people might want to share in our enjoyment of it, not because we think we’re going to get rich or win a TV talent show by making it.

The problem of ‘OMG how do we get people to buy Led Zep and Eagles albums again on another format so we can have another massive sales peak from old people being conned into replacing music they already own!’ that the lobbyists are trying to answer without actually letting us know what their real concern is (by disguising it with bullshit talk about new artists) is not one that affects us. Neither the problem, nor the idiotic circus of obfuscation and BS that surrounds it are ours.

  • We make music,
  • we make it available,
  • we do it without going into debt because that’d be really stupid.
  • We treasure it,
  • care for it,
  • and invite people to be a part of it.

And as a result, we make things like this – this track, Yosemite, is one of my favourite musical things I’ve ever been a part of it. It makes me burst with happiness every time I listen.

If you want it, you can get it via the ’10 album set’ on the Fingerpainting bandcamp page. If you buy either the Dropbox or ‘all 10 albums via Bandcamp as their finished‘ options, you’ll get FOUR albums today. And another one or two a week between now and mid-July when the rest of it gets sent out 🙂

“But Steve, I’ve already paid for it and now I want to get in on the action with the updates! What do I do??”

Fear not, if you’ve already paid for the download of FingerPainting, or bought the USB stick to be delivered in July, you can upgrade and all the money you’ve already spent on the album will be credited against the new purchase. Just email me  and I’ll sort you out with a discount code or some other mechanism by which you get all this lovely stuff.

Also, should you want to jump in at the ‘co-exec producer’ level and buy everything Daniel and I have ever done plus all this stuff and some CDs and what-have-you, if you’ve already bought my USB stick, I’ll knock £25 off that level, cos there’s no point in you buying the USB stick again… as I said at the start, building a music economy that relies on people buying the same shit over and over again helps no-one. Viva La Revolución!

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