Writing a Press Release Without Sounding Insane…

So, today I’m trying to write a press release about Daniel Berkman and I releasing a 13 minute ‘single‘ ahead of an 11 hour, 10 show live set of every note we’ve ever played together, without making it sound like we’re just idiots with a gimmick…

Conveying the excitement of:

  1. Finding a collaborator who turns every idea I have into something immeasurably more exciting that I would’ve done on my own and
  2. Living at a time when releasing a project like this is even possible, thanks to this brilliant internet thing that industry muppets seem to think is making things harder, is a tough ask in a single side of non-polemical A4… 🙂

Still, if you want to know what I’m excited about and weren’t at the gigs in California, you can buy Accidentally (On Purpose) – the first fruits of our collaboration – and download the single either via the code that you got from my email-out last night, if you’re on my email list, or by messaging me/commenting here and having me send you the code. You can send me a Tweet, or a message on Facebook, or just comment here and I’ll email the code to the address you use to log in to comment… It’ll be public in  about a week anyway, but if you want it now, all you have to do is ask.

If you’re a journo that wants to write about this, PLEASE drop me a line. We’d love to talk to you 🙂

And if you have any lovely phrases that come to mind when listening to FingerPainting that you want to share in the comments that I might use, that would also be delish 🙂

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