Download The Title Track from FingerPainting Here!

I know a lot of you will have got this from the download code to my mailing list, but FingerPainting is now up on Bandcamp for free download. Not ‘pay what you want’, just free. Take it, enjoy it, share it, get excited about the rest of the album coming out in a week or two!

If you’ve already got it, PLEASE share it with your friends. Here are some of the things you could do:

  • post the link to Twitter
  • put it in your status update on Facebook (the link will automatically turn into a bandcamp player so your friends can hear it)
  • Add it to Tumblr
  • Blog about it, and embed the player.
  • Post about it on bass/looping/music forums like Talkbass and BassChat, or Loopers Delight.
  • Like/Share/Comment on This Post on Facebook.
  • email friends you think might like it with the link (or the MP3 if that’s easier).

Whatever you choose to do, thanks so much. We just hope you enjoy it – Listen and Download here:

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