New Video With Dave Bainbridge and Martin Nolan

A couple of weeks ago, I has the privilege of playing two wonderful shows with Dave Bainbridge and Martin Nolan from the band Iona. They were doing a couple of duo shows before Iona’s band tour started, and I was invited to open for them.

Dave and I had played together on a tour a few years back, and Iona were a HUGE influence on my in the 90s. There are so many elements to my music that have the fingerprints of Iona’s music – and Dave’s guitar playing in particular – on them.

So any chance I have to play with him is gratefully received!

At each of the two shows, we did a trio improv section. I hope the one from Leicester will emerge at some point, but for now, here’s the one from the first gig in Sheffield. It was a whole lot of fun. Look out for more gigs with this line-up soon! 🙂

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