Some Great New Music I’ve Bought Recently…

Time for a quick round up of some of the fabulous stuff I’ve found of late on Bandcamp. Please hit play on the ones that sound interesting to you, and if you like ’em, buy ’em. 🙂

Jake Dubber’s ‘Bring On The Cannibal Android Robots’ has had loads of play in our house since it came out – I’m not particularly au fait with the inner workings of Dubstep world, but Jake’s music makes our 2 1/2 year old dance like a crazy thing! Really fabulous imaginative high energy electronica.

Briana Corrigan is best known as the former singer with the Beautiful South (she sang lead on ‘A Little Time’, their only UK no. 1) – Redbird is her 2nd solo album and is a fabulously imaginative singer/songwriter record, full of unexpected production bits and lovely singing:

Gretchen Peters
has been a regular visitor to the UK for quite a few years, but this year things have really taken off for her, with loads of Radio 2 support and a v. successful tour. I saw her play recently, and the gig was amazing. Her latest album, Hello Cruel World is a gorgeous slice of heart-on-sleeve Americana:

Touring with Gretchen, playing lap steel, guitar and drums, was Christine Bougie. Turns out we have quite a few friends in common. She also makes beautiful instrumental music of her own. Fabulous Frisell-ish stuff, with wonderful chamber-group arrangements. Aloha Supreme:

Sunna Gunnlaugs is one of those musicians whose new work I can buy without listening to it, knowing I’ll love it. She’s not done a single record so far that I haven’t really enjoyed. The lastest is a gorgeous trio record, Long Pair Bond. Check it out:

Daniel Berkman, AKA Colfax, is one of my favourite musicians to improvise with ever. We met in January in California and did two shows together. He’s brilliant, and it won’t be too long before you get to hear the recordings from those two gigs… Til then, you can check out his awesome solo record, Tape:

That’ll do for now.

Have you heard anything good recently? (please don’t post your own albums here, this is about great music you’ve found, not self-promo).

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