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Photo of Steve Lawson, by Photocillin

Over the last couple of years, the joys of parenting have meant that both Lobelia and I have gigged less than we’d might… Which has the knock on effect of people thinking we’re not available for gigs…

Time to fix that. 🙂

So, what’s happening?

I’m available for gigs. Simple as that.

  • House concerts,
  • theatres/clubs
  • support slots,
  • festivals,
  • touring (would love to find a promoter/agent for Germany/Italy/Eastern Europe!)
  • collaborations
  • or simply playing bass in your band.

Gimme a shout, let’s have a talk about what’s possible.

(click here for lots of video of me playing live)

Photo of Steve Lawson, by Richard Kaby


I don’t (generally speaking) play for ‘free’, but I also don’t expect to play one gig a month and live off it. Happy to have grown-up conversations about what’s needed to make a gig workable.

As a general rule, what I do works FAR better in sit-down venues than standing ones, and I’m not mad keen on being booked for a ‘gig’-gig and then finding out I’m actually ‘background music’ – I mean, I’ll do background music gigs, but I’m going to charge a corporate rate for that – it’s a whole different thing (which I’m very good at – CV available on request 😉 )

So, if you want someone to play polite stuff in the corner while you and your mates discuss X-Factor, best look elsewhere. But If you think you know a medium-sized handful of people who would dig what I do, or a venue that like to book things that are awesome, we can probably work something out that’ll make it worth my while, and give you and your friends the best night’s live music you’ve ever had*

*not a money-back-guarantee.

Lobelia and I are still available for duo gigs (still my favourite kind of show), but parenting can sometimes make the logistics tricky. Still, let’s have a chat about it and see if there’s a solution. 🙂

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