Two new videos and some photos from California.

Am back from California now, after my busiest trip there ever. Had a great time at NAMM, and a whole lot of wonderful shows, that resulted in about 6 hours of new improvised music that needs mixing and editing for future release. Yay!

I’ll write a full round-up in the next couple of days, but for now, here are two videos that have appeared in the last couple of weeks.

The first is a live one from the All American Melodrama Theater in Long Beach – a gorgeous theatre that was booked for a show at the last minute, which I did with the lovely Muriel Anderson. This is a version of a A Year Afloat from 11 Reasons Why 3 Is Greater Than Everything:

The 2nd video is an interview with me about the freelance life, about creative freedom, balancing work/life and a load of other good stuff, from the lovely people at Kindred. Enjoy:

Two of the shows I did out there were with an incredible musician called Daniel Berkman. One of my favourite ever improvisation partners. The live recordings will be appearing soon enough, but for now, here are some photos, taken with my camera by the lovely Artemis Robison, who was the match-maker than brought Daniel and I together for the shows:

Also while I was away, the lovely Fiona Talkington played a track from Believe In Peace on Late Junction on BB Radio 3. It’s been my favourite radio show in the world for many, many years so to be played on it again after a few years away was a big thrill, and resulted in a quite a few new people finding the album, for which I’m most grateful. Fiona mentioned on the broadcast that she’ll be playing more tracks from it soon, so I’ll try and give you advance warning of that.

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