Michael Manring’s thoughts on Believe In Peace

Reviews and comments about my new album Believe In Peace are still coming in. This one cropped up on TalkBass.com from Michael Manring – Michael is probably my single biggest influence in becoming a solo bassist and has been deeply supportive of my music from the very start. In this instance, I sent him a download code for the album but he chose to pay for it anyway! Here’s what he said about it:

“What a beautiful recording! This is perhaps the best argument yet that the bass is a versatile, deeply expressive instrument and in the hands of a brilliant and visionary artist like Steve, is capable of making music of enormous emotional and musical depth. Please buy a copy and share it with your friends and family. I think they’ll thank you for it!”

In other Believe In Peace news, a track from it is featured on the latest Aural Innovations radio show, listenable/downloadable here. Jerry Kranitz who presents the show reviewed most of my early albums on his site, and has been a great supporter of my music over the years (he’s also featured in Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack book, if you’ve read that…)

here’s the album, listen, download, pay whatever you think it’s worth. I’ve got a LOT of new music that needs editing/mixing/mastering and it’s way easier to justify the time it takes if the music is making some money 🙂

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  1. I’m doing a little video of my husband (artist Deryk Houston) painting near a beach and I’m considering using the first two minutes of “Grace (Pi) as a background. There are lots of wave sounds in the video (and we want to keep those) so the music will be fairly subtle. We would credit you and the album of course. We’d put the video on YouTube and link it from Deryk’s website
    Please let us now if this is okay.

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