Nice Things Are Being Said About ‘Believe In Peace’

So, it’s been out a week, and a few nice things have been written about Believe In Peace. Well, a lot of nice things have been said about it, but I’m not about to start linking to all the Tweets and Facebook messages. That’d get weird.

Instead, here are three blog posts that say nice things about it.

The most involved of them is this in-depth review at – I’ve just done an interview for them too, which should be up in a day or two, and I’ll post here in a couple of weeks.

Then there’s these lovely and encouraging words from the fabulous Laura Kidd, AKA She Makes War.  She’s writing a blog post a week about lovely things she’s found. My album was in week one.

And finally, No Treble wrote this piece – I’ve stepped away from seeing the online bass community as my primary place for conversation here, so I’m hugely appreciative of the bass blogs and news sites that take the time to write about what I’m up to.

Here, in case you missed it, is the album again – it’s been my fastest-selling digital album ever (and that’s without it being on iTunes or Amazon or any of that stuff – this is all bandcamp), and it means I’ll be able to make a healthy donation to Reprieve. (a third of all the money I make on the album is being donated to them).

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