An Embarrassment Of Riches (Some Great New Music Recommendations)

I’ve been finding SO much great music of late, that I thought it was about time I blogged about some of it. I’ve been posting a lot of it to Facebook and Twitter, but it can get lost in the stream there. So here’s a few of my favourites of late (you can play all of them direct from this page, and if you click the download link on any of the players you can buy the albums):

Druckfarben – proper old school 70s Prog. Big Yes influence in there, lots of other classic prog things too:

The Deep MO: Yolanda Charles has long been arguably the finest funk bassist in Britain. Now she can add writer and singer of amazing funk/soul to her list of skillz. The band on this album are stunning. Pure funkness:

Nick Saunders: Astoundingly beautiful, understated acoustic singer/songwriter. Like discovering James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Nick Drake all at once:

Chris T-T: Saw this as a show at Edinburgh and ended up crying and laughing a lot. AA Milne poems set to music. Magically beautiful:

Fer Isella: Argentinean keyboardist blends post-rock, 70s-Miles type jazz and electronica to awesome effect:

Pick Your Weapon: Brum punk/hardcore band, making an excellent angry noise:

Deborah Jordan: Soulful Electronica/IDM/gorgeousness:

Huw Warren: effortlessly inventive piano/electronics stuff from UK jazz pioneer:

There you go! Enjoy those, and any that you like, PLEASE share the links around, we are the new media, we can, as Billy Bragg said, Start our own revolution and cut out the middle man 🙂

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  1. Lots of lovely stuff to check out. Of those on the list I’m only familiar with The Deep MO and Huw Warren so will dig deep into these. Thanks

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