New Improv Video With Lobelia and Tiger Darrow

Here’s something lovely that has just been posted to Vimeo – it’s from a house concert that Lobelia and I played in Plano, TX earlier in the year. Brian, who expertly hosts the gig for us and filmed it so beautifully, had seen Tiger Darrow play a few weeks earlier opening for Zoe Keating, so asked her to come and open the show. She did, was brilliant, and thus we had to play together at the end. Here it is:

Steve Lobelia Tiger Improv #1 from Brian Wilson on Vimeo.

Tiger is a remarkable musician – still only 18, writing, producing, recording and performing her brilliantly crafted songs. She released two albums on the same day earlier this year, both of which are essential listening. The links here are to iTunes: Hello By Tiger Darrow and You Know Who You Are.

She’s about to move to NYC, so if you’re near the city, see if you can catch her in concert.

The other amazing thing about this actually happened just before the video starts – the whole thing was kicked off by Lobelia on piano – despite playing together so much in the last 3+ years, Lo and I have never done any improv stuff with piano and bass. So it took me by surprise when she jumped straight in so confidently, and started playing in such a fantastically open, inventive way. Sometimes even my favourite musicians in the world can surprise me with hidden talents!

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