Brand New Lobelia Solo Album, Featuring Me :)

You may have seen via Twitter or FB already that Lobelia’s new solo album, “Beautifully Undone (Songs I Wish I’d Written)” is out now, via Bandcamp. Here it is:

I mixed and mastered it, and play bass on a bass and voice version of Sting’s ‘Consider Me Gone’. It’s a remarkable record. I’m really proud of my part in it, but her singing and arrangements are outstanding, and her choice of songs (many of which you’re unlikely to recognise) is inspired.

The album has a minimum price on Bandcamp, largely because when you record cover versions you have to pay for the licensing per download up front – you buy a license for a certain number of downloads, and when they run out, you buy more. So there’s a much bigger up front cost than for an album of original material. So please do buy it, and feel free to pay more than the £4 minimum, if you listen to it and, like me, think it’s one of the best things you’ve heard in years.

If you want to get Lo’s album and my new one, also feel free to pay whatever you think they’re worth combined for her album, and download mine for free – it saves you a paypal transaction and a few clicks 🙂


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  1. I do love hearing new, interesting female vocalists (being one myself), so something this heartfelt was refreshing to hear! Also well done, Steve! Here’s to great collaborations!
    – Lizanne

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